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This is a slow work week for me.  It’s one of those times I’ve described before when I have the opportunity to catch up on all the things that have been waiting for me while work has been busy.  When I say all the things, I mean every single category in my life.  It’s one of those Mondays when someone with a compulsive, over-achieving, perfectionist personality like mine can have trouble getting focused.

There are those two children I gave birth to and try to homeschool who are spending time at their father’s place in another state; they will need to be looked in on by Skype to make sure they are on track with their work.  (Can we take just a moment for a ‘hollah’ to Skype?  Life changing.)  There is that proposal I’m working on that needs to go in the mail today which could lead to some more income.  There is the house — almost every room, both floors, including garage — that is under a film of dust and clutter.  The latter is a mega-category.  I best not get into the detail.  I need to order another microphone.  I need to call the insurance company.  We all know I could be into that for an hour, maybe two.  I should get in three good workouts before the weekend.  (There is a chance I’ll do a video of Steve and me working with kettlebells.)  There are several stacks — these accumulate for me because I hate paperwork — stacks of mail and bills that need to be attended to, things that need filing, things that need calling about.  It’s not that I can’t or won’t do it well — it’s that once I begin, I will need to be meticulous with it.  I need a PA.  I lust for a PA.  Oh, you don’t think I could give up that much control?  Try me.

Captain, Border Terrier/German Shepherd mix. Hilarious and smart -- on the way to his new home

On Friday I put a great dog on a transport to his new home in Boston.  His name is Captain, and he was only with us a few days.  He was the most interesting combination breed I’ve seen in a long time — Border Terrier and German Shepherd.  Unbelievably smart and sweet.  He will make his new family very happy.  On Saturday I picked up Cactus, an Australian Retriever — a crossbreed of Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever.  He is magnificent and beautiful and looks so much like our Huxley (same breed) that we think they might have been litter mates.  Ah, yes, that’s another thing to do this week: take Cactus back to the shelter to be microchipped and inquire about his origin.

Cactus, Australian Retriever, 9-12 months old, available for adoption

I’m not unaware that all these things are evidence of my choices, the life I’ve created.  I wouldn’t change it.  Most of us wouldn’t.  Or we would, wouldn’t we?

Except for the millions of dollars part.  I would change that in a heartbeat — and maybe I will….

Perspective is everything, regardless of what brand of spirituality you subscribe to.  I know people who claim to have access to a “peace that passes all understanding” and live lives of constant drama and worry.  Making an effort to be in the beauty of a single moment, to be aware of your blessings, to take responsibility for your choices and how they are currently playing out in your life, to be grateful to be alive and breathing and have people and things in your life to love and be passionate about — this is the truest form of worship I’ve ever experienced.  It is a shortcut to joy.

“For every person who has ever lived there has come, at last, a spring he will never see. Glory then in the springs that are yours.”  Pam Brown

Even the rainy ones.  Have a great week!

Huxley, our Aussie Retriever, and his almost twin, Cactus, who is available for adoption


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  1. Steve Myrick said:

    I am curious as to Captain’s weight and height. Would you care to hazard a guess?



    • I apologize about the lateness of this response. I put the blog down in 2012 and am not sure if I’ll return. I believe Captain was about 25 pounds, a little taller than a Border Terrier, shorter than a Shepherd. As far as I know he did well at his new home, though I have not heard much from them since. Was there a reason for your question?

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